Visitor Management built for PK-12 schools.

Streamline visitor sign in, screen with background checks, and print badges. Managing visitors has never been so easy. 

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Screen Visitors

Streamline Visitor

Sign In

Manage frequent visitors

Track Visitors In 


Real-time visitor visibility

Easily Print 


Track arrivals and departures of visitors, staff, students and vendors from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Use our iPad app station anywhere with internet.

Manage visitors with ease

Customizable to automatically collect specific data for each visitor type. Issue repeat visitors digital IDs, QuickPins, QR/barcodes, RFID cards, or HID/NFC cards for faster sign in/out. 

Group-level sign in/out and pre-registration are available to expedite the sign-in process.

Streamline sign in

Each visitor is screened against a national sex offender database, custody violations, and a campus watch list. Alerts are sent to staff and security when risks are detected. 

Automatically screen visitors

Easily print customizable visitor badges and lanyards with photos. For events, you can require sign-in to print the event badge and bulk print pre-registrant badges.

Simplify identification

Use the same platform to simplify student arrival, attendance, and dismissal. Push data to your SIS, alert teachers and parents, and print tardy or early dismissal slips.

When signing students out, authorized parent/driver data is automatically populated.

Student Tardy and Early Dismissal Integration

Optional perimeter security cameras identify and alert security of unwanted vehicles immediately. 

Integrated real-time attendance allows staff to account for at-risk students immediately.

A complete campus security solution

A few of our other visitor management features purpose-built for PK-12 schools

Student late arrival and early pickup

Time tracking for volunteers, substitutes, and vendors

Visitor emergency list

Multi-campus management

Visitor reports and data

SMS or email notifications

Aftercare alerts

Visitor facial detection

Mobile digital IDs for your school community

Ready to simplify your visitor management?

A platform to grow with

SchoolPass is helping schools consolidate multiple old siloed systems and manual processes into one School Safety, Student Attendance and Parent Engagement system in the Cloud that is fully integrated with your student information system (SIS).

Campus Security

Automatically screen vehicles 24’7, send alerts, and open gates

Student Changes

Streamline arrival and dismissal changes

Carline Automation

Automate dismissal for 50% faster carlines

Bus Boarding

Replace manual paper bus manifests, keep parents informed

Afterschool Activities

Replace paper activity rosters, easy attendance, and billing 

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