Security cameras built for K-12 schools

Identify threats in real-time and keep students safe with SchoolPass security cameras.

SchoolPass has a 5-star rating on Capterra.

Screen Vehicles

Screen vehicles arriving/leaving your campus, and control access to your campus

Alert Security

Manage frequent visitors

Receive instant alerts for security risks and emergencies

Automate Carline

Automate Student Dismissal

Automatically notify teachers when parents arrive in carline and when to send students

SchoolPass screens vehicles arriving and departing your campus with license plate cameras and RFID/toll tag readers. 

Gates can be opened automatically based on customizable access rules.

Screen vehicles and control your perimeter

How it works

In an emergency, every second matters. When an unwanted vehicle is detected, security personnel are notified. Integrated real-time attendance data allows staff to account for students quickly.

Easily notify parents, first responders, and key staff members with critical safety status updates.

Alert security and respond quickly

Parents can change carline pickup schedules and create authorized driver lists from the SchooPass App. Teachers are automatically notified when authorized parents/drivers arrive for pickup, and when to send the child to the pickup area based on dynamic ETAs.

Carlines are 50% faster and you can be sure that every student is with an approved driver.

Streamline and secure dismissal

Ready to secure your campus?

“Security is an increasing priority for all schools. We partnered with SchoolPass to build an extra-layer of student safety, while automating

our afternoon carline. 

We integrated license plate cameras and RFID/Toll tag readers to automatically match vehicles and drivers to school data and processes — bringing unmatched levels of security and arrival/dismissal efficiency for our school community.”

"SchoolPass brings us unmatched levels of security"

- Director of Operations Marynell Murphy

A platform to grow with

SchoolPass is much more than just security cameras. SchoolPass offers a suite of safety and efficiency solutions that are seamlessly integrated with your Student Information System. 


Track attendance and manage absentees


Automate Student Dismissal

Automate the dismissal process for 50% faster carlines

Visitor Management

Screen and track visitors in real-time

Bus Boarding

Replace paper bus manifests and notify parents

Afterschool Activities

Check students in/out of activities and notify parents

Ready to see what SchoolPass 

can do you you?