SchoolPass’ core solution quickly allows a school to save front office time, streamline dismissal and enable parental changes to student schedules to flow easily, in real time, to all stakeholders (administrators, teachers and other affiliated parents).



Protected: This is what happens when a school loses a student…3 times

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Safety & Security: Dismissal Security and Efficiency

 Dismissal is the riskiest time of day. A few best practices can help schools more safely direct students in a multitude of directions. Article by our CEO and Founder, Mark Ruiters Published in the January/February 2019 Net Assets magazine and on the Net Assets blog.  Independent K-12 schools must hold...Continue Reading

How to Protect Your School From Bad People

School safety is on everyone’s mind these days with much of the focus on preventing or mitigating campus intruders.   Security leaders, who are trained to address risks, need access to tools that can quickly flag potential risks. Some of the most common but least discussed threats on campus come from...Continue Reading

SchoolPass Announces Visitor Management

SchoolPass, the leading K-12 safety and dismissal logistics platform, is expanding its solution to support robust visitor management.  Based on numerous requests from schools, SchoolPass has integrated the capability to screen, track and manage all campus visitors.  Through patented technology, SchoolPass enables a school to know in real-time all vehicles,...Continue Reading

Top 3 School Dismissal and Safety Benchmarks At-A-Glance

SchoolPass conducted a review of dismissal operations at K-12 independent, parochial and charter schools from across the country. In this focused benchmark study – you’ll see the respondent’s aggregate scores matched against best practices of 1) safety, 2) customer service and 3) efficiency. Only 61% of K-12 school dismissal practices...Continue Reading

Case Studies

Case Studies

St. Elizabeth – Video Case Study

St. Elizabeth - Video Case Study K-12 School leaders around the country are focused on ways to make their schools more efficient while increasing student safety. As Mr. Vince Spadoni, Principal at St. Elizabeth’s, shared with us recently, “Parents without a doubt, love the fact they wait in carpool line...Continue Reading

Todd Elementary in Briarcliff Manor Case Study

Todd Elementary in Briarcliff Manor Case Study "In the past, the school handled all the parent requests for student schedule changes manually, and this took a lot of work... now parents simply make changes through the SchoolPass app, and this information flows to the front office and teachers."  - Nadine...Continue Reading

Trinity Case Study

Trinity Case Study At Trinity, we aim to provide the best school experience for students, teachers and parents.   In the past, we used a manual carpool process that utilized "numbers" for the students and cars, as well as walkie talkies.  Carpool changes were manual, and this was taking too many...Continue Reading



Visitor Management

Visitor Management SchoolPass Visitor Management facilitates visitor screening, badge printing, notifications, and emergency attendance - all in one place.   You will know in real-time all visitors and students coming and going from your campus, increasing the safety of students, teachers...Continue Reading

Automate and Secure K-12 Dismissal

Automate and Secure K-12 Dismissal SchoolPass enhances your school's safety and efficiency by screening vehicles coming on and off your campus, automating dismissal, eliminating front office work, and consolidating real-time schedule changes for carline, buses and afterschool activities. Click here...Continue Reading

Campus Security

Campus Security Check out our Campus Security solution, where we work with you to deploy license plate cameras or RFID/toll tag readers, so you know who is driving on and off your campus and to automatically trigger proactive alerts, open...Continue Reading

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