SchoolPass’ core solution quickly allows a school to save front office time, streamline dismissal and enable parental changes to student schedules to flow easily, in real time, to all stakeholders (administrators, teachers and other affiliated parents).


It’s time to get serious – deliver Student-Centered Safety

A Partnership Between K-12 Schools, Parents and Technology When it comes to schools, there is almost no topic more important than campus security and student safety.  Whether you are a parent of one student, or an administrator responsible for hundreds of students, ensuring safety is paramount.  There is no one-size-fits-all solution to enhance school safety,

Case Studies

Two parents picking up their child from school

Trinity Case Study

At Trinity, we aim to provide the best school experience for students, teachers and parents.   In the past, we used a manual carpool process that utilized “numbers” for the students and cars, as well as walkie talkies.  Carpool changes were manual, and this was taking too many resources to organize.   Dismissal was loud and chaotic,

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