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SchoolPass enhances your school’s safety and efficiency by screening vehicles coming on and off your campus, automating dismissal, eliminating front office work, and consolidating real-time schedule changes for carline, buses and afterschool activities.


Campus Security

Enhance student safety and campus security by screening vehicles using automated license plate cameras and RFID/toll tag readers for arrival and departure from campus.  Security personnel can be notified when unwanted vehicles arrive on campus.

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Carline Automation

Parents are automatically identified and students are organized for dismissal based on license plates, RFID/toll tags, GPS on their phones or mobile entry onsite.  Staff use this information to manage efficient and faster dismissal.

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Student Arrival and Dismissal Changes

Empower parents via a mobile app to manage and communicate dismissal changes such as late arrival, playdates and afterschool activities. All changes are communicated in real-time to administrators, teachers and affiliated parents. Front office manual work is reduced by up to 85%.

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Mobile Interface of change management app



Bus Boarding and Notifications

Ensure you have the right students on the right buses.  Produce real-time bus manifests and maximize bus capacity.  Notify parents and administrators when buses leave campus and for field trips.

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Afterschool Activity Management

Manage afterschool activities online including activity attendance, with or without signature capture.  Provide your activity coordinators real-time rosters, your parents with accurate attendance notifications and your business office with attendance reports for billing accuracy.

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Ipad interface for afterschool activity app


Visitor Management

Screen, track and manage all campus visitors through a robust visitor management solution.   Screen all new visitors, print badges, send notifications – all from one solution.  Easily integrate late arrival and midday dismissal changes when parents drop-off/pick-up students.  Schools can enhance student safety with tracking and documentation to facilitate accountability every day.

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Implementation & Integration


SchoolPass implementations include a dedicated customer success lead who manages your set up, training and go live steps to ensure successful onboarding for administrators, teachers and parents.  Most implementations take 1-2 weeks depending on solutions selected and school readiness.

SchoolPass uses the latest development technology and is integrated with many of the top Student Information Systems used in K-12.  We work with your technical team to ensure integrations are established and managed proactively.

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