The Leading Dismissal Software

Faster carlines, safer students, happier parents, and less office work. Dismissal has never been so easy. 

SchoolPass has a 5-star rating on Capterra.

Faster Carlines

Automate the dismissal process for 50% faster carlines.

Less Work

Manage frequent visitors

Reduce time spent on manual  schedule changes by 85%.

Safer Students

Manage frequent visitors

Validate every pickup and know where students are at all times.

Happier Parents

Manage frequent visitors

Improve communication and dramatically reduce wait times.

Today's parents run their lives from phones.  SchoolPass allows parents to update their child's schedule from an app.

Parents can check on their child’s status at any time, keeping them informed, and happy.

Parents use the app to set schedules

How it works

Updates are available on the dashboard. Notifications are sent to staff, teachers, and carpool drivers.

Eliminating manual changes frees your staff to focus on what matters: education.

Staff get real-time updates

Drivers are identified based on license plates, RFID tags, and GPS. Staff uses this information to organize students and quickly authorize pickups.

Carlines are 50% faster and you can be sure that every student is with an approved driver.

Dismissal is a breeze

A proactive safety approach

In an emergency, every second matters. Cameras identify unwanted vehicles and automatically alert security.

Staff can access up-to-date student locations to respond quickly.

Ready to simplify your dismissal?

After implementing SchoolPass, St. Elizabeth experienced:

  • Dismissal time reduced from 1 hour to under 30 minutes despite adding 130 students
  • 50% more front office time available for other priorities

"SchoolPass made me a bit of a hero"

- St. Elizabeth Principal Vince Spadoni

A platform to grow with

SchoolPass is much more than dismissal. SchoolPass is a suite of safety and efficiency solutions that are seamlessly integrated with your SIS. 

Security Cameras

Automatically monitor vehicles and send alerts


Track attendance and manage absentees

Visitor Management

Screen and track visitors in real-time

Bus Boarding

Replace paper bus manifests and notify parents

Ready to see what SchoolPass 

can do you you?