What does it really take to protect your campus and students?

Implement these critical steps to scan visitors before they get to your front door, and digitize your dismissal operations. PK-12 schools must hold themselves to increasingly high-security standards, including being able to scan and track campus comings and goings of all students, visitors and staff.  In a recent survey, we found that: 83 percent do not have

This is what happens when a school loses a student…3 times

bus boarding_dismissal management

Video captures how upset a Georgia elementary school parent is after his daughter, a 5-year-old, was left behind instead of being put on her bus — for the third time this year. A Father is very upset after Elementary school loses his daughter 3 times After the video went viral, the student’s father said parents

Safety & Security: Dismissal Security and Efficiency

 Dismissal is the riskiest time of day. A few best practices can help schools more safely direct students in a multitude of directions. Article by our CEO and Founder, Mark Ruiters Published in the January/February 2019 Net Assets magazine and on the Net Assets blog.  Independent K-12 schools must hold themselves to increasingly high security

How to Protect Your School From Bad People

School safety is on everyone’s mind these days with much of the focus on preventing or mitigating campus intruders.   Security leaders, who are trained to address risks, need access to tools that can quickly flag potential risks. Some of the most common but least discussed threats on campus come from individuals that are known to

SchoolPass Announces Visitor Management

SchoolPass, the leading K-12 safety and dismissal logistics platform, is expanding its solution to support robust visitor management.  Based on numerous requests from schools, SchoolPass has integrated the capability to screen, track and manage all campus visitors.  Through patented technology, SchoolPass enables a school to know in real-time all vehicles, visitors, and students coming and

Top 3 School Dismissal and Safety Benchmarks At-A-Glance

SchoolPass conducted a review of dismissal operations at K-12 independent, parochial and charter schools from across the country. In this focused benchmark study – you’ll see the respondent’s aggregate scores matched against best practices of 1) safety, 2) customer service and 3) efficiency. Only 61% of K-12 school dismissal practices are reported at a best

Enhance Your K-12 Campus Security With Deep Learning Video Screening Technology

Enhance Your K-12 Campus Security With Deep Learning Video Screening Technology   Great news, you can now get even more from your current surveillance camera investment. With new open License Plate Reader (LPR) standards, SchoolPass has enabled you to connect your license plate data captured by your cameras to dramatically increase your awareness of parents,

Dramatically Improve Bus Management

Dramatically Improve Bus Management Are you covering the cost of running your buses? SchoolPass works with schools across the country to implement daily bus capacity management, parent self-service scheduling tools and real-time reporting.   These enhancements allow you to recover more of your bus cost while improving the experience for staff, parents and students. Our solution

5 Layers of Student-Centered Safety

5 Layers of Student-Centered Safety SchoolPass is working with schools across the country to strengthen security for students.  We believe that schools have the opportunity to dramatically improve security from the campus perimeter into the classroom. Please watch a short video on how schools can strengthen their security, by focusing on the five layers of

Chadwick Presents at 2018 ATLIS Conference

Chadwick Presents at 2018 ATLIS Conference Chadwick School’s Bob Rule, recently shared his progressive approach to student safety and risk management at the recent ATLIS conference in Crystal City VA in April 2018.   K-12 schools are evolving to an enterprise risk management approach whereby schools are supporting opportunities through calculated risk-taking and good decision-making. Among