Day-Level Attendance Management, Built for PK-12

SchoolPass attendance automates and connects parents, teachers, and the front office – making sure students are on campus when and where they’re supposed to be.

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Improved Accuracy 

Standardize your process to reduce errors

Happier Parents

Manage frequent visitors

Improve communication and save parents time

Actionable Reporting

Manage frequent visitors

Identify and address truancy issues

Less Work

Manage frequent visitors

Reduce the administrative burden by 85%

Today's parents run their lives from phones.  SchoolPass allows parents to update their child's daily attendance, arrival, and dismissal schedule from an app.

No phone calls or emails necessary. Unify parent, front office, teacher, student card swipes and SIS attendance data into a single easy to use interface.

Parents use the app to set schedules, report absences, make changes and more 

How it works

Teachers can easily mark students late or absent within the seamless interface. Push data to your SIS, alert teachers and parents, and print tardy or early dismissal slips.

Changes reported by parents via the SchoolPass app or recorded by the front office are automatically pulled into the attendance dashboard.

Take and manage day-level attendance in the classroom 

View attendance activity for all classrooms, including teacher info and live attendance counts for easy monitoring.  Send reminders to staff on an as needed or scheduled basis. 

This can be used to quickly identify and address chronic absenteeism and truancy issues. Quickly navigate to other admin tools like reports, visitor management or carline in just one click.

Robust reporting and real-time monitoring for administrators

Customizable rosters can be created for any class or activity. Parent and front office updates are reflected in real-time. 

Teachers can easily mark students late or absent and print tardy/early dismissal slips. Automatic alerts for parents and the front office synced with attendance data. 

Simplified activity rosters for teachers and staff 

Every afterschool process is easier

Use the same platform to check students in and out of afterschool activities such as clubs and sports. 

Student absences, early departures, and pickup changes are reflected in dismissal schedules and bus manifests. 

Ready to simplify your attendance?

A platform to grow with

SchoolPass automates more than just attendance tracking. SchoolPass offers a suite of safety and efficiency solutions that are seamlessly integrated with your Student Information System. 

Security Cameras

Automatically monitor vehicles and send alerts


Automate Student Dismissal

Automate the dismissal process for 50% faster carlines

Visitor Management

Screen and track visitors in real-time

Bus Boarding

Replace paper bus manifests and notify parents

Ready to see what SchoolPass 

can do for you?

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