Secure K-12 Arrival & Dismissal Operations

Drive efficiency and enhance student safety. SchoolPass allows K-12 school communities to know where their students are scheduled to be throughout the day, including afterschool activities.

Built for School Communities

The SchoolPass platform enables you to save time, improve student safety, enhance parental experience and secure your campus.

Reduce Front Office Work

Parents simply make student schedule changes via their mobile app instead of sending notes, emails and voicemails. Automate your front office work and save up to 85% of the time manually coordinating student schedule changes.

Improve Dismissal Efficiency

Consolidate your student schedule changes and automatically communicate these changes to teachers, staff and affiliated parents. Enable your school to process dismissal up to 50% faster.

Enhance Campus Safety

Monitor all vehicles coming on and off your campus to strengthen your campus operation and security. Know where students are supposed to be at all times even when schedules change.

Our Solutions

SchoolPass empowers your school to automate dismissal, eliminate front office work, and consolidate real-time schedule changes to increase efficiency and safety for carline, buses and afterschool activities.

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Carline Automation

Eliminate noisy PA systems, walkie-talkies, and crowded pickup areas to streamline your carline and dismissal process.

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Student Arrival and Dismissal Changes

Empower your parents via a simple-to-use mobile app to manage and communicate arrival and dismissal changes to staff and teachers.

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Bus Boarding and Notifications

Ensure your students are on the correct buses to keep them running on time. Notify your parents and administrators when buses leave school daily and on field trips.

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Afterschool Activity Management

Check students in and out of activities (with or without signature capture), and automatically send attendance notifications to your parents.

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Campus Security

Enhance student safety and campus security by screening vehicles using automated license plate technology and RFID/Toll tags to notify you of vehicle arrival or departure.

What Our Schools Are Saying

  • There is no other dismissal management system in the United States like School-Pass. Our dismissal process has been streamlined and embraced by our community. It is fast, easy, safe, and time saving. With this cutting edge technology, we are now a leader in the country when it comes to carpool dismissal.

    Marynell Murphy, Director of Operations at The Lamplighter School

  • SchoolPass has enabled Meadowbrook to consolidate 3 dismissal times into 1.   We have a safer dismissal because we know which students are going home with which authorized drivers.  Also, we have reduced the staff needed to manage dismissal each day.   SchoolPass is a great partner in making our dismissal more efficient and safer.

    Jonathan Schmid, Director of Innovation & Technology, Meadowbrook School

  • In 2014, we put SchoolPass into effect and now parents are empowered to make carpool changes with the mobile app.  This has streamlined dismissal and enabled us to reduce our carpool times...our parents are happy with the efficiency and security, and students know where they are supposed to be at the end of the day.

    Reginald Haley, Director of Operations at Trinity School (Atlanta)

  • SchoolPass has definitely surpassed my expectations, and certainly delivered a product that fulfilled a need at my school - we love what they did for Grace Christian School. Our parents love it too, School-Pass is fast, easy to use, and most important, keeps our students safe.

    Cindy Phillips, Principal at Grace Christian School

Solutions That Work For Everyone

A safe, efficient and accountable school is one where administrators, teachers and parents know where students are scheduled to be.   The right students are going to the right place at the right time.

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School Leaders

Enhance your leadership by building confidence that students are where they are supposed to be - especially at dismissal and in afterschool programs.

Silhouette of man with bus and gear in background
Operations Director

Drive efficiency through your front office, dismissal and transportation operations. Automate the manual work your team does today.

silhouette of man looking at three monitors
IT Administrators

Deliver a robust logistics solution to your administrators, reduce the burden on your teachers, and empower your parents with accurate real-time understanding of where students are supposed to be.

Parent and child stick figures

Embrace technology that empowers you to make changes to your student's arrival and dismissal schedule with confidence that your instructions are communicated to the front office and teachers.

Stick figures with two school kids and an adult
Afterschool Directors

Enhance the accuracy of programs with accurate rosters and increase the safety of your students with signature capture and attendance notifications.

Person with lock in front logo
Security Director

Deploy driver screening to enhance student and campus safety throughout the day and afterschool.